Biography (eng.)

Biography – Personal Data Sheet

28thNov.1925   Born in Dresden – Mickten; Mother: Leonore Guenther, née Uhle, born 1896 in Manchester/GB (gesch. Luther), died in   1976; Father: Wilhelm Luther (1893- 1959), he was an engineer M. Luther was brought up with his brother   Siegfried Luther (1922-2006), he was a car mechanic, constructor, and his brother Wolfram A. Guenther, ( 1929- 2020)

1932-1940     M.L. attended the Volksschule (Primary School) in Dresden – Trachau

1940-1943    apprenticeship as an engineering draughtsman with Ihagee – Camera Factory at Dresden – Striesen

1943-1944     military service in WW II on the Western Front

1944              military hospital stay in Annaberg (Saxony)

1945-1949     prisoner of war in Southern France; after that return to Germany

1952-1955     constructor/designer with VEB Elektroschaltgeräte Dresden (devices for electrical engineering); lived   at Dresden-Radebeul

1954              marriage with the painter Ingrid Luther, widowed Hennig, née Lamprecht (Born 1926 / Klein-Stirlack, died  2005 / Dresden); both of them living at Dresden-Oberloschwitz together with Fritz Hennig (born 1949).  A son from Ingrid`s first marriage; his wife teaches him the first techniques in art painting (charcoal drawing  and oil painting); M.L. became a free-lance artist and began to study the human anatomy as an autodidact.

1975              as a member of a senior team (BSG Lokomotive Dresden) he played chess in league games

1993              move to Dresden-Weißig, atelier in the basement room (23 sq.m.)

1999/2000     first health problems that decisively affected his creative process; retreat to the private sphere of his family  and his works

11thJan. 2004   M. Luther died at Dresden – Weißig; buried at Heidefriedhof (Heath Cemetry)  Dresden

Contemporary Witnesses: Christa Kittel, Heinz Rasser, Wolfram A. Guenther and Fritz Hennig

                      Translator: A good friends. Think you.


Development of the Different Subjects

1954-1959    Early works (sketches, human beings, faces), realistic drawings

Since 1955   Free-lance painter and graphic artist

1956–1962   M. Luther took drawing lessons; in this period the maturing process of his graphic oevre  “Idee Konkrete Zeichnungen” (Idea Concrete Drawings) – a series of 24 geometric basic forms can  be placed

1962–1966   Studies at Prof. Ernst Hassebrauk; since the beginnings of the 1960`s “Idea Concrete Drawings”  –  as far as its artistic-philosophical core and impetus are concerned – has been experienced, contemplated  and fragmentarily worked on

1965             First contacts with Karl-Heinz Adler, Fritz Löffler and Hermann Glöckner

1968             Completion of the 24 Black Ink Drawing Pieces for “Idea Concrete Drawings”

1970             The following group of works, called “Paraphrases” and produced as silk screen prints and ink-drawings,  is   added to “Idea Concrete Drawings”, demonstrating the infinite variety and possibilities to combine his  geometric forms. Parallel to these works there are sketch-like, didactic publications on the “Paraphrases”  and written accounts as independent contributions interpreting and completing the work on “Idea Concrete Drawings”

1976–1985   artistic realization of the concrete figures 1 -24 (black ink-drawings) in another group of works,  the Black/White/Grey silk-screen prints.

1980–1991   developing phase of the larger series “Ab ovo – Vom Uranfang an” (From the very First Beginnings)  – the so -called spiral – made in varnish color.

1980–1994   formation process of the series “Cogito, ergo sum”– “Ohne Anfang, ohne Ende” (“No Beginning – No End”) depicting circular pictures, furthermore “Asche zu Asche” (“Ashes to Ashes”), which are  made in different techniques (oil-chalk and silk-screen painting); since then participation in numerous  individual and group exhibition

1980–1998   development of “Ab origine – Vom Uranfang an” as a subgroup and in addition to the series “Ab ovo”,  primarily produced in lacquer paints;

1982             first personal exhibition in the “Central Institute for Nuclear Research” in Rossendorf / Dresden,  recommended   by a cultural committee under the leadership of Dr. Reinhard Koch

1980`s          Despite Karl-Heinz Adler`s, Fritz Loffler’s and Werner Schmidt`s recommendation his request for admission    into the “Verband Bildender Künstler der DDR” (Association of Visual Artists in East Germany) was rejected.

1983-1986    Implementation of the 24 Concrete Figures in color; silk-screen print cycle “Farbiger Epilog auf die Erdentage”   (Colored Epilogue – On Earthly Days)

1991              Personal exhibition in the Kupferstich-Kabinett (Copper-plate engraving gallery) Dresden; publication of the  catalogue “Idee Konkrete Zeichnungen”

1991              Working vacation at the studio of Jürgen Blum in Hünfeld (Hessia)

1992              Member of the Association of German Artists (Deutscher Künstlerbund)

1993              Move to Dresden – Weißig; some more “circle” pictures, spirals and color mixtures are produced here

2014             On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of his death the so far biggest personal exhibition takes place at the Städtische Gallerie Dresden (Municipal Gallery Dresden); entitled:  ”Manfred Luther, Der lange Weg zum Kreis” (The Long Way to the Circle); for this purpose a second,  comprehensive catalogue (160 pages) has been published

                        Texts: Ingrid Adler, Carolin Quermann, Fritz Hennig

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